As a Nigerian lawyer, researches, write-ups, proofreading, rechecks and other works that need the use of a personal computer are typical. One of the ways you can make these tasks faster, easier and more flexible is by opting to the use of a laptop.

You might have a secretary and a research assistant, but you’ll agree that is not everything that your secretary or assistant can help you do. Moreover, neither you nor they spend all your day in the office. When they’re not there, what do you do?

Yes, you might say you can cope with a Smartphone, but the nagging question remains, “How far can your phone go?” It’s common knowledge that researching or typing with your Smartphone is not convenient at all.

As a lawyer, it’s necessary if not compulsory to have a working personal laptop, and this piece covers the top nine reasons why you need a functioning laptop as a Nigerian lawyer.

Work Flexibility

With a laptop, your workplace can be anywhere, not necessarily on a desk in an office. Even when you do have an office, a laptop with its many features offers you the opportunity to work remotely, connecting with your team when necessary. With a quality laptop, you can work from any part of the world, anytime you want.

Enhanced Completion of Web-Based Works

We’re in the digital age, and one of the primary reasons you should own a laptop is to take advantage of its technology to get your work done. Today, most projects are web-based and require you to have constant internet access. You may say your smartphone is there, but the truth is your phone will not give you all the pages and online resources you need. Just like a laptop, your phone has its specific function. Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar.

Sometimes, you may have projects that require you to discuss with the client through Skype or other video conferencing applications. Undoubtedly, your phone cannot give you this feature. Will you reject the project just because you don’t have a laptop? I doubt it.

Note taking during important Sessions

Every person would find it rude to see you pressing your phone when they’re pouring their hearts out in a speech. However, with a laptop, you can take notes and document points without looking rude. You can even go ahead to research on the topic, for a better understanding, while the meeting is going. Additionally, though you can record the session with your phone, recording with a laptop offers you a more quality sound production and a larger storage capacity.


As a Lawyer, it’s typical to have files, books and documents flying around in your office. While you might not help the situation because of the nature of your industry, you can reduce the level of litters of these books and folders.

Remember, this is the digital age!

With a laptop, you can reduce the amount of paperwork in your office. You can easily take notes and store documents and folders on your laptop. Besides that, most of the law books you have in your office now have PDF versions you can read from on your laptop.

All these will reduce the excess papers flying around and make your workspace better arranged.

Staying Connected

Most law firms that send lawyers on trips, whether abroad or in the country, stay connected via the internet. The laptop is the primary medium through which this connection is established. While on the trip, you may be required to access work files and stay in touch using email and video chat, laptops offer a convenient way to have these files and access them on hand. Even when you’re not around in the office, you can always transfer your finished work to your firm via your laptop.

Better Speed and Storage Capacity

While phones and tablets offer a considerable speed and storage space, you are rarely going to find one with the RAM specification or storage capacity of a laptop.

What does this mean to you?

It means, as a lawyer, owning a laptop offers you the chance to store as many documents as you like without having to worry about storage space or speed of your device.

Take a moment to imagine coming in for a presentation with lots of papers, looking very clumsy?

Of course, no one would see you as a professional!
Laptops have made PowerPoint slide shows and presentations easier. With a laptop, you can easily arrange your presentation in a PowerPoint format and project it on the screen for your audience. This gives you a more professional, organized and comported outlook.

Easy Multitasking

A lot of apps can indeed be used on your phone at the same time, but they can’t be used in a split format. Moreover, it’s inconveniencing and time-consuming opening and closing apps on your phone. However, with a laptop, this is not the case. You can have many webpages and apps opened at the same time in a split format. This makes multitasking easier and helps you keep track of all apps involved in the project.
Peripheral Management
Phone and tablet peripherals run on WI-FI or Bluetooth, which is slow and less reliable compared to hardwired accessories used with laptops. If you use printers regularly or run software on CDs or DVD ROMs, getting a working laptop will benefit you more.


“At this time, the blog post writer rests.”
However, not without concluding by telling you that with these points and pieces of evidence shown above, you’ll agree with us that you need a functioning laptop for your practice if you wish to stand out as the best in the legal industry.
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