oraimo SmartCooler Mobile Phone Cooler

Product Parameters:

Size: 78*42*19mm
Product Material: ABS/Al-Alloy
Rated Voltage: 5V
Mobile Width: 65-87mm
Charging Port: Type-C

Model: OGG-SPC1

Availability: In Stock

Product Features:

Gaming-Focused Design-Boosting Your Gaming Experience

Designed especially for game lovers, this radiator let you no longer be troubled by overheating when playing mobile games. Enjoy the extraordinary carefree and comfortable game experience!

Drop 14 Degrees in 10 Seconds-Ultra-fast Cooling

Draw heat away from the smartphone and dissipates it with a powerful yet quiet 7-blade fan. Our intelligent temperature control automatically manages fan speeds on-the-fly.

Super Quiet Fans-Cool Your Phone Without Bother

Noise-reduction design allows you to comfortably watch games and videos. It is also recommended for voice chats and live broadcasts due to its quietness.

Multicolored LED Light-Greater Style and Gaming Immersion

Customize your look with various RGB colors and lighting effects. Unleash brighter, more refined lighting effects for greater style and gaming immersion.

Available for iPhone and Android-Wide Compatibility

With the included sizing cushions, you can adjust the size to fit almost any smartphone, both Android and iOS devices.

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