oraimo Backpack 2 Durable Large Backpack

Product Parameters:

size: 41*20*43cm

Material: PU+900D Rycycle polyester

Buckle: 1/2 Plastic + 1/2 zinc alloy

Capacity: After folding: 19.2 L / after opening: 22.16 L

Packaging form: PE Bag

Model: OBG-02


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Product Features:

Folding Opening Structure-Useful & Stylish
Different from the design of traditional backpacks, this backpack adopts open type and portable design, makes it easier for you to pick and place items and carry them during use. Tje cool appearance meets your fashion preferences.

Diverse Pockets- Multiple Use
The quick pocket at the lower part of the front can be used to place small items, and the hidden zipper pocket at the back has complete functions.

Large Capacity-Meet All Your Needs
It can bear 10kg and oscillate for 1000 times. The strap is used for decompression and cushioning, which is safe and comfortable

Effort-saving Straps—Humanized Design
After the back webbing is inserted into the pull rod of the railing box, release your hands from now on!

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